Nov. 17th, 2019
A peek into the DEEMO themed exhibition

Final two weeks of the themed exhibition. For the first time, the curtains of the exhibition are pulled back. Friends who like DEEMO don’t miss out!

Area Intruduction:

A. Balcony: From the view of the telescope, peer into the beautiful world of the song illustrations.
B. Secret Room: Walk through the strange painting and see what the characters looked like originally.
C. Trophy Room: From 2D to 3D, an exclusive look at the toiling work that goes on behind the scenes of production.
D. Basement: Those that are living may not enter. The melodic sound of a piano softly floats across the darkness…
E. Cherry Blossom Dream: A pink, petal filled dream becomes a gentle, large tree. Come and leave a memory.
F. Secret Passage: Come and walk with Alice in this secret passage that no one knows.
G.Top Floor: A series of unsolved riddles await an encounter with their answers.
H. Merchandise Area: Exhibition exclusive merch available.


DEEMO themed exhibition “After Alice, Before Deemo”

- Exhibition Dates: 2019.11.01 - 2019.12.01
- Location: Rayark Concept (Taipei City, Xinyi District Dongxing Road, No. 45, 1st Floor)
- Event Page:
- Ticket Purchases: