New Crisis

Twenty years after the fall of Earth, the remnants of the Human race are once again faced with extinction. The time has come to justify our existence..


Belong to Ivonix, and live aboard the “Nightstar” artificial habitat: a space station that watches over the last two remaining human colonies, Adrillia and Thandeous.


A mysterious life form known as the XADA, squares off against humanity's last weapon; the War-Mech series III battle suit.

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New Crisis

In late 2170’s, the human race began searching for potential ways to leave their home and travel to an Earth similar planet, as resources were becoming dangerously scarce.

A group of scientists developed Quantum drive tunnelling to achieve interstellar travel. During its testing phase, the “lights” from the Quantum drive were detected from billions of miles away by an entity, dubbed “XADA”. XADA attacked the Earth in late 2080. The human race did their best to develop countermeasure technology, namely, the Warmech program.

The war lasted two years, and by its mid-way point, two nations were left on the planet, Thandeous and Adrillia. Adrillia, in a last ditch effort, cracked Quantum drive signature and fled to a new home in the Tau Ceti group, 12 light years away. Thandeous were the second to flee, and forced to settle on a harsh moon by Adrillia, as the planet could not suitably sustain both races.

The Ivonix, were the last surviving race. A technologically advanced people, whom survived the War within their orbiting artificial habitat - The Nightstar. They were the last to migrate, and left behind Stealth-X buoys, which would respond to Xada activity on Earth if the Xada ever made a move.

In 2201, the S-X buoys have picked up a Xada signal from Earth and made a Q-Leap to inform the Nightstar. Simultaneously, a mysterious rift has been detected within the Tau system, signifying a direct transmission attack pathway from Earth. The Ivonix have sent Jake Carloway, and Diana May, aboard the Nightwing attack-shuttle. They carry with them, two of the most deadly WM-3 battle suits in existence. They must return to Earth, and put an end to the XADA, before the human race is eradicated.

And now, the IMPLOSION begins....



IVONIX Force commander.

Napoleon, a veteran Warmech-2 pilot, fought alongside Jonathan Carloway in the Extinction War. Before they were separated, Jonathan entrusted his niece and nephew to his battle brother. Napoleon possesses tremendous physical strength and battle aptitude. He has the most diverse knowledge of the XADA, and its various mutaform strains.

Jake lives aboard the “Nightstar” artificial habitat: a space station that watches over the last two remaining human colonies.

Jake was brought up by his uncle, Jonathan, until he was seven years old. Napoleon Venefray was then charged with acting as their legal custodian.


Weaponsied for Indirect long range and close quarters combat.
Controlled by parasitic rider.
Class V Mutaform.
Xada propogation organism armed for close range combat.
Facilitated Prion transmutation Entity.
Psycho-kinetic Energy field present.
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