For having better performance with Cytus,we strongly recommend playing Cytus on iPhone 3Gs/ iPhone 4(s)/ 4th generation iPod touch/ iPad/ iPad2 with iOS 5(above)
  • Q1. What should I do if Cytus crashes?
    We have already improved the performance on iPhone 3Gs/ 4th generation iPod touch/ iPad. If there’s still crash problem, try to restart your mobile devices and update iOS to the latest version first. If it doesn’t help, please try re-downloading the application and installing it again. Just be aware that removing an application will delete application data.
  • Q2. How to set the screen to auto-rotate?
    Auto-rotation is added in Ver1.1.0. You can choose your preferred screen orientation in title screen.
  • Q3. Will there be any future updates?
    New content will continuously be made available through update – free of charge.
  • Q4. Will there be various genre of music added in the game?
    We are working hard on it. Stay tuned for our future updates.
  • Q5. Have any plans to release Android version?
    Work in progress, stay tuned.
  • Q6. What is the pop-up mode?
    It is how the orbs pop up during a song. Please also try out other modes in the first song you play, to see and determine if you prefer any of those other modes.
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