Nov. 22th, 2019
12/21 RayarkCon Live -Headlines-

2019 has been a year of abundance for Rayark:

First of all, we’ve met with friends in many cities

- Tokyo’s Rayark Wonderland
- Xiamen’s Cytus II MM Star Show
- Seoul’s Cytus II Duel Match / MOFUN Pop-up Store across all Korea - Taipei’s DEEMO themed exhibition

We have launched several new works

- There’s the brand-new, remastered classic Cytus α.
- How about the Steam game we’ve been working on with an amazing team, MO: Astray?
- And you can’t forget DEEMO -Reborn-, which was just released on PS4.

We’ve also got some exciting news

- We started a project for an animated film production of DEEMO.
- Plus many other plans in progress.

On 1221, Rayark will review everything that happened in 2019, online with players around the world and announce to everyone where we’re headed. We hope all of you from different time zones can join us!
Live Stream Time: 1221 18:00 (GMT+8)


We’ve also prepared a party and invite all of you to have fun with us

■ Event Info:
- Be the first to experience our latest game content.
- DEEMO -Reborn- Musical Feast.
- 2019 Rayark Headlines Video Streaming.
- Enjoy delicacies with Rayarkers and enjoy the party.
■ Event Info:
- 2019/12/21 16:00-18:00 (Opens at 15:30) @ Rayark Concept
- Online registration opened from now till 121, we will send out a letter to let you know if your registration was successful.
- Registration Link: