Nov. 1st, 2019
DEEMO themed exhibition is officially open!

DEEMO themed exhibition is open today. The exhibition guidebook is provided in multiple languages for fans around the world to experience the exhibition in an even more intimate way.

The main 3D photoshoot spot

“Sakura Iro No Yume” Area

There were friends from Japan visiting the exhibition on the first day

A guided tour is available on weekends

The dining scene at themed Cafe’


DEEMO themed exhibition “After Alice, Before Deemo” Info

- Exhibition Dates: 2019.11.01 - 2019.12.01
- Location: Rayark Concept (Taipei City, Xinyi District Dongxing Road, No. 45, 1st Floor)
- Event Website:
- Ticket Purchases:

DEEMO themed exhibition guidebook

- Chinese:
- English:
- Japanese:
- Korean: