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Cytus Million Downloads Plan

From Ver.2.0.0 onwards, Rayark team comes out with a plan, that is bold & experimental; with every 100,000 paid downloads, a new chapter that includes 10 new songs will be unlocked. The complete story of Cytus consists of 10 chapters, 100 songs thereof can be played as a whole, as long as the plan goes through in terms of having all 10 chapters unlocked.

Rule No.1

On the day Ver.2.0.0 releases, the number of downloads combining both iOS & Android paid version will be publicly updated on regular basis. The accuracy & authentication of the database will be attested by Taipei district court thereafter.

Rule No.2
With every 100,000 paid downloads, a new chapter is guaranteed to be released within 3 months. The chapter includes 10 new songs.

Ultimately, given the possible success of this plan, 1 million paid downloads represents 100 songs to play in Cytus. If gamers promote Cytus passionately & spontaneously, it will become a classic music game, with US$1.99 for a hundred songs to play.

Players who extremely wish to play upcoming chapters can pay them through In-App purchasing.